That’s playoff basketball

Griffin dumps water on Warriors fan “by accident”

This chart pretty much sums up this New York Knicks this season.

This chart pretty much sums up this New York Knicks this season.

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Andrew Bynum Hair Update

Andrew Bynum Hair Update

Rasheed Wallace - King among men

So Sheed is the Detroit Piston’s new assistant coach! A good excuse to post about him and how amazing he is. Everyone knows that Sheed is the king of getting t’d up - in fact, if you type “Rasheed Wallace” into youtube, “technical foul” auto-completes.

Perhaps his most famous and hilarious trait is yelling “BALL DON’T LIE!” every time an opponent misses a foul shot. Here’s an example:

Only Sheed can get ejected for staring at a referee.

And let’s not forget about the infamous “towel incident”

Gonna miss this guy as a player! Glad he’s sticking around the NBA.


Baby Ray Ray in the corner! 1996 was a pretty good draft year, huh?

Baby Ray Ray in the corner! 1996 was a pretty good draft year, huh?

Dr. Hibbert and Roy Hibbert - twinsies?

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HAPPY GAME 7 Y’ALL!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY GAME 7 Y’ALL!!!!!!!!!

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Chalmers took his troubles out on Hibbert’s head

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Super nintendo Chalmers

Woah, remember that time Bosh yelled at Mario “Super Nintendo” Chalmers? And Joakim Noah taunted them like a deranged baby clown?


Lebron also likes to yell at poor old Chalmers:

Miami Heat LeBron James yells at Mario Chalmers

Is this an angry head grab, or a heart-to-heart style head grab?




Nate Robinson - half man, half amazing

This playoff season, the world was reminded once again that Nate Robinson is a bodmon. Say what you will about Nate, the man hustles. He’s a hustler. Everyday he’s hustlin.

Ya ya he’s emotional, he’s questionable on D, and sometimes he goes totally rogue and throws the ball at the backboard with the force of a thousand angry pigs….but all that is forgotten when Nate steps it up and pulls through with amazing plays.

A few things I love about Nate:

1) His CRAZY hops

Nate is 5’9” and does crazy stuff like dunk over Spud Webb (who is 5’7”) - he (arguably) did it again, three years later, over Dwight Howard (who is 6’11”)


Nate’s hops also enable him to do things like block YAO MING, and LEBRON JAMES. No big deal, they’re just a billion inches taller than him.


2) Shrek and Donkey

In Boston he was “donkey” to Glen Davis’ “Shrek” and won them Game 5 of the NBA finals in 2010.


3) Flu game

Nate’s performance with the Bulls in this year’s NBA playoffs was legendary. The Bulls were missing several key players (Hinrich, Deng, ROSE obviously) so Nate had to step it up and make plays. Nate seriously went buck and played his heart out. In Game 6, despite battling the flu, Nate played - he took multiple puke breaks, but he played and scored 18 points.

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4) He elicits this kind of reaction from fans:


“God blessed me with a lot of heart and no height, and I’ll take that any day,” - Nate Robinson

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The metamorphosis of Marc Gasol gives hope to nerds all over the world.

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